Networking Know How - Leveraging Opportunities

Networking doesn't only occur in formal business, professional settings, or networking events in San Diego. Opportunities also exist in social settings such as ball games, scouts, PTA, weddings, zoo outing, and school field trips.

To recognize and leverage networking opportunities in social settings:

  • Talk to everyone. Engage people in conversation and demonstrate a sincere interest in whatever is important to them. Get to know them and the people they know.

  • Go out of your way to extend kindness, friendliness, and assistance to everyone. You never know who you may be helping or who may be watching.

  • Keep a list of people you meet and what they do - not just business contacts, but also social contacts. You never know when you may want to get in touch with them - or when someone you meet might need their service.

  • Keep your social calendar full and get out of the house or office.

  • Always have your business card on hand.

  • Always have something to give. People like people who are helpful. Be ready to provide information, tips, or resources on a variety of topics so people think of you first when they have a need.

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