Meet the Founder

Hello Young Professionals,

In celebration of reaching over 1k followers on Instagram @ypnsd,

I wanted to introduce myself.

Ryan Cliff @ryanjcliff

I'm Ryan Cliff, and I am the President & Founder of YPNSD. I started this group almost two years ago to connect with like-minded professionals in San Diego interested in building their professional networks.

Since it's inception, this group has far surpassed my expectations and I am grateful to have met with so many talented, driven, and inspiring individuals. Here's my philosophy behind why I created the group:

In a social media world of generally shallow connections, I believe face-to-face networking is the KEY to building meaningful relationships. Social media is convenient but not nearly effective, which often leaves us wanting more. Relationships are built over time through TRUST and involve an investment of time and energy. If you don't invest in the relationship, you can't expect anything much in return.

What's YPNSD about?

YPNSD is a community of young professionals within San Diego to connect, share, inspire, and grow with one another. We host monthly networking events every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.

If you're interested in experiencing what YPNSD is about, come to one of our next networking events! You can purchase tickets here on our website. If you're interested in connecting with me, send me an email at; I would love to connection with you. See you at the next event!

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