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How to Make Strong Networking Connections

Networking is really all about making contacts with new people- getting to know them as individuals, learning what they do, and learning about what they need. Sometimes you are the one who can personally help address their need; sometimes you may not be able to help them directly, but you know someone who can.

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Common Networking Faux Pas - Don't make one of the following common mistakes when you are networking:

  • Hard Selling - distributing your business card to as many people as possible, without engaging in conversations or getting to know them

  • Business Only - talking only about business and work, never attempting to learn about their personal situation or interests

  • ME, ME, ME - talking only about yourself, what you do, and the products and services you sell, rather than asking questions to get to know the other person

Create a Personal Connection - Networking starts by creating a personal connection. People like associating with other people with whom they feel some sort of bond due to shared interests or experiences. Getting to that stage is a process of developing some level of:

  • Commonality

  • Likeability

  • Credibility

  • Trustworthiness

When you meet someone for the first time at a networking event, your first objective is to learn something about the other person and find a common connection- one on which you can hopefully begin to build a relationship.

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